Home Stretch

Thanks for pointing that out. The box cover does make it look like HomeStretch is one word unfortunately.

The Opinionated Gamers

Design by:  Frank DiLorenzo
Published by:  R&R Games

2-6 Players, 1 hour
Review by:  Greg J. Schloesser 


Designer Frank DiLorenzo is a fan of the sport of horse racing, so it was only a matter of time before he published a game that recreated the sport.  Homestretch is that game, and while it certainly concentrates on racing, the major emphasis is on the betting aspect of the sport.

Before the first race is held, players spend money to obtain an interest in one of the eleven horses that will participate in the four upcoming races.  The number of “shares” acquired varies with the number o players, but will be at least three.   Horses and shares are numbered 2-12—corresponding the values generated by the roll of two dice—with the cost of each share bearing a correlation to the odds of rolling that number.  For example, the cost of Emalus (2) and…

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